Author Emily Giffin Admits Her Comments About Meghan Markle Were 'Just Mean'

Emily Giffin has opened up about her mean comments about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in a new interview, while promoting her new book.

The author came under fire last month when she called the 38-year-old Duchess a “phony” and “unmaternal”.

Now, Emily is admitting that she took her comments too far.

“;Well, you know, there”;s one thing to have, you know, to in general have legitimate criticisms of people, but that”;s a whole other thing,”; Emily said to AP (via ET Canada). “;My comments were not legitimate. They were just mean, so that”;s sort of two separate things.”

She continued, “I mean, I do think it”;s OK that there”;s this whole idea of is it ever OK to criticize one another? You know, as women or as is people like should we just never get to criticize? And I think we can go too far with that. I don”;t think we need to treat each other with kid gloves. Women treat each other as women with kid gloves, especially when criticized.”

“Criticism is legitimate. But just that wasn”;t the case with these comments.”;

Emily‘s first comments about Meghan came after she and husband, Prince Harry, shared a video of reading to their son Archie as they raised money for Save the Children.

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