It is a cloud-based platform that provides all the apps in one place. Manage all the business activities with this single software.

Apptivo provides all these features.

CRM: Online CRM features help to crack deals easily. Track all the activities and manage the sales process with CRM.Project Management: Teams can collaborate together to manage projects. Logs expense reports can be prepared. Timesheets can be managed.Online Invoicing: Online payments are made easy. Send and receive money online. Online Invoicing billing system makes the billing process easier.Web Help Desk: Customer support system to manage complaints and create tickets for each complaint.Expense Report: Prepare a report for all the expenses. Get easy approvals for expenses with various tools.Field Service: Orders can be generated online. Employees can be dispatched. The invoice can be generated online.Procurement: Complete supply chain management. Track the vendors online. Make purchases and manage inventory.Email Marketing: Pay extra attention to your customers with email marketing. It is blended with the CRM software to manage customers.

Apptivo provides all these benefits.

Covers Industries: This software covers various industries like Real Estate, Travel, Hospitality, Manufacturing, etc.User-friendly: Easy to use the software.Get started Free: Try the software for free.Compatible: Compatible with laptops, windows, android, and iOS systems.Support: Provides excellent customer support via various channels.Any business: Suitable for any type of business.Multiple Apps: Get multiple business applications.Growth: Experience business growth with Apptivo.Manage customers: Manage customers easily with CRM Software.

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