(C) Match the words in the left column with their definitions in the right column.

1. ponderous

2. precipitous

3. presumptuous

4. teacherous

5. tentative

6. volatile

7. sketchy

8. sporadic

9. taciturn

10. surreptitious

11. tenacious

12. superfluous

13. prudent

14. provident

15. reciprocal

16. scrupulous

17. reclusive

18. petulant

19. nocturnal

20. ghastly

21. haughty

22. intrepid

23. noxious

24. nominal

25. heterogenous


in name or thought only, not real

extremely dangerous

slow and awkward, boring

dangerously unpredictable

careful, or uncertain of being completed

overly proud of self or stuck up

resolutely fearless

rude in speech or behaviour

careful and cautious and wise to be so

making provision for the future, especially to do with money

withdrawn, very anti-social


active at night

connected in such a way that one completes the other

unnecessary, more than needed

having moral integrity

occasional, infrequent

saying little

awful, unpleasant and shocking

physically harmful or destructive

discrete, secret

containing few details, vague

made up of parts or things that are very different from one another

disrespectful and brazen

(D) Now use some of the words 1 – 25 above to fill the gaps in the sentences below. You will not need all the words, and you should use each word once only.

She seemed to have a rather____________ manner and held herself in very high regard indeed.
The new colour you”;ve chosen for the walls is quite possibly the most____________ thing I”;ve ever seen; it is utterly tasteless.
As ____________ gasses continued to flow into the air pocket in which the minors were trapped, it was clear that time was running out to launch a successful rescue operation.
The Queen is the ____________ head of state of Great Britain.
Bats are ____________ creatures, it”;s true, but, contrary to what most people believe, while they often rely in the main on sonar and enhanced hearing, most species do, in fact, also have reasonably good eye-sight.
There was a(n) ____________ agreement in place between the two countries to waive the visa requirements for short-stay holidaymakers of either nationality travelling between the two states.
He was as ____________ as they come, never venturing much further afield than his front gate to pick up the post; his wife had to do all his errands for him while he virtually led the life of a hermit.
The ____________ adventurers successfully scouted the heretofore unexplored region of the Amazon that is home to the Tupi tribes.
There were some ___________ skirmishes, but there have been no full-scale engagements thus far in what is now being termed a phoney war.
Details as to exactly what happened remain___________ , but what is now clear is that despite the large number of injuries sustained, no one has been critically hurt.
The eagle perched itself on the ___________ cliff edge, scouting the horizon for its next unlucky victim.
Observers in the country describe the situation as highly___________ , and suggest that there is no telling what could happen next.
The reporter”;s ___________ style of delivery often made for painfully slow and dull viewing. He was kept in his job purely on account of his ability to read the situation on the ground accurately and always be first to break the big story.
The celebrity”;s cameo was ___________ at best and served to distract viewers from concentrating on the actual story, which was, after all, a very serious and important one that deserved to be told.
Her ___________ glance now and then was enough of a cue for the man to realise that she was very attracted to him.

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Answer Key


ponderous -; slow and awkward, boring
precipitous -; steep
presumptuous -; disrespectful and brazen/ rude in speech or behaviour
treacherous -; extremely dangerous
tentative -; careful, uncertain of being completed
volatile -; dangerously unpredictable, infrequent
sketchy -; containing few details, vague
sporadic -; occasional
taciturn -; saying little
surreptitious -; discrete, secret
tenacious -; determined
superfluous -; unnecessary
prudent -; careful and cautious
provident -; making provision for the future
reciprocal -; connected so that one completes the other
scrupulous -; having moral integrity
reclusive -; withdrawn, very anti-social
petulant -; rude in speech/disrespectful and brazen
nocturnal -; active at night
ghastly -; awful
haughty -; overly proud of self
intrepid -; resolutely fearless
noxious -; physically harmful
nominal -; in name or thought only
heterogenous -; made up of different parts of things


1 haughty 2. ghastly 3. noxious 4. nominal 5. nocturnal

6 reciprocal 7. reclusive 8. intrepid 9. sporadic 10. sketchy

11 precipitous 12. volatile 13. ponderous 14. superfluous 15. surreptitious

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